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Time marches on, while with Efficient Diary, you can record your perceptions and experiences along the way. Efficient Diary is an elegant, easy-to-use and powerful electronic diary software program. Spend some time with Efficient Diary each day - looking into today's feelings, recalling the memories of the past, and expecting the happiness in the future. A happy life can't be without Efficient Diary!

You can know more detailed information about Efficient Diary Network Guide.

  1. Please download Efficient Diary Pro at http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientDiaryPro-Setup.exe .
  2. You can go to the Diary function module by clicking the Diary command on the Go menu, or by clicking the Diary button on the navigation panel. And then click New Diary Entry on Toolbar, you can write down all your feelings and memories in the edit diary window.
  3. Except the boring letters, you can also add some funny pictures, related attachments and even change the background color according to your mood at that moment. Besides, you can also specify a weather icon and an emotion icon for each diary entry. In one word, Efficient Diary will give you a different but colorful diary world.
  4. Diary entries can be managed by group so that you can click the Date View or Group View button on Toolbar to switch between display modes.
  5. When you want to aftertaste your past, you can find them quickly on the top of navigation panel. Or you can click Search button on the navigation panel to enter the Search module. After you input any information about the diary entry in the text box of Condition, our software will present the related diary entries for you.
  6. For privacy, you can set a password for your file by clicking the Password command on the File menu. Furthermore, you can backup your file in case losing. Click Option command on the Tools menu and select Automatically backup to in the General option. Or click Backup command on File menu to backup one file directly. Certainly, you can restore your file by clicking Restore command on File menu.
  7. You can sync your data across PCs and mobile phones. Just click File -> Synchronize to pair device. And know more detailed instructions about synchronization at: How to Sync?

In short, Efficient Diary aims to offer you a more efficient and happier life style. And you can know more detailed information about Efficient Diary Network Guide.

Note: this software also offers a free version, please download Efficient Diary Free at:
http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientDiary-Setup.exe .

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