EfficientPIM Guide

EfficientPIM is a full-featured personal information manager (PIM) software program that can help you organize and plan your business and private life. With EfficientPIM all of the things you need to manage are located in one, easy-to-use interface. After finish the following steps, you can have a well-organized and efficient new life!

The main modules of EfficientPIM:

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  1. Please download EfficientPIM at: http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientPIM-Setup.exe.
  2. There are three modules for you to manage your time: Calendar module, Events module and Tasks module.
    1. You can go to the Calendar module by clicking Calendar button on the navigation panel or clicking Calendar on Go menu. And then right-click any day you want, you can add a new event or a task by clicking New Event or New Task in the popup menu. Or you can directly go to Events or Tasks module to add one. If the event or task recurs regularly, you can set its recurrence pattern according to the requirements. In addition, you can add the related comments or attachment about them as well.
    2. After you managed the events and tasks well, you can glance over them in Today module. Besides, our software will remind you before the deadline of an event or a task based on the time you set. (Tasks can be reminded before the start date.)
    3. When you finish a task, you can mark it easily at the Tasks module or Today module. Or you can record the progress of a task.
  3. There is a Contacts module for you to manage thousands of contacts efficiently.
    1. If you have recorded some information of contacts in Excel before, you also can import them in comma delimited files (CSV). Please click Import on the Tools menu. (Tip: The first line in the comma delimited file to be imported must be the line for column header; otherwise this file cannot be imported.)
    2. You can add a new contact by clicking New Contact on Toolbar. Except some basic information about the contact, you can also input some other detailed information. Such as company, address, pictures, comments and some related attachments. In addition, contacts can be managed by group and be displayed in a table or in cards. You can click the Table View or Card View command on the View menu to change the displayed way of the entries.
    3. Even though you have inputted thousands of contacts; you can find them in a second. Generally, you can find the contact by clicking Locate or Filter button on Toolbar, and then choose the initial letter of the contact's name in the next trigger button. Besides, you can go to the Search Contacts module by clicking Search button on Toolbar. And then you can find the contact by inputting any related information in the text box of Condition.
  4. There is a Diary module for you to record your perceptions and experiences along the way.
    1. Except write the boring letters in Diary module, you can also add some funny pictures, related attachments and even change the background color according to your mood at this moment. Besides, you can also specify a weather icon and an emotion icon for each diary entry. Efficient Diary will give you a different but colorful diary world.
    2. When you want to aftertaste your past, you can find them quickly on the top of navigation panel. Or you can click Search button on the navigation panel to enter the Search module. After you input any information about the diary entry in the text box of Condition, our software will present the related diary entries for you.
    3. For privacy, you can set a password for your file by clicking the Password Protection on the File menu and clicking Password to Open the File or Password to Login the Diary Module.
  5. Also there is a Notes module for you to manage your memos, notes and new ideas in one interface and one file.
    1. After go to the Notes module, you cannot only write down your new ideas or copy and paste some useful information from internet just as Word, but also import RTF files or text files into the note. Please click Import New Note from File on the Actions menu if you have some before. In addition, you can add some related attachments about it when edit a note.
    2. It is very easy for you to search a note. Please click Search button on the navigation panel or click Search on Toolbar. And then input any information about the note in the text box of Condition, our software will present the related notes for you in the Search module.
    3. For privacy, you can set a password for your file by clicking the Password Protection on the File menu and clicking or Password to Login the Notes Module.
  6. And there is a Password Manager module for you to manage the information of password, registration codes, email accounts, FTP accounts and Favorite URLs.
    1. After enter the Password module, you cannot only input your password and related information in the password- editing window, but also let the Password Generator create a random password based on your requirements for the reason that it is harder to crack a randomly generated password. Please click the trigger button in the text box of Password in the password-editing window to enter the Password Generator window. Besides, your passwords can be managed by group.
    2. Whenever you want to search the passwords, you can click Search on the Toolbar. And after you input any information in the text box of Condition in the Search Passwords module, our software will present you the related passwords for you immediately.
    3. At last, you can visit the websites or copy the account ID or password to clipboard directly. Please right-click the entry and then click Visit Web Page or Copy to Clipboard in the popup menu. So it is really convenient and efficient to you to manage your information.
  7. You can sync your data across PCs and mobile phones. Just click File -> Synchronize to pair device. And know more detailed instructions about synchronization at: How to Sync?

Except these main modules of EfficientPIM, there are also some other useful and unique functions for you. Firstly, there is a Desktop Notes for you to "stick" your information on the computer desktop directly. Hence, at a glance you can see the information that is important and useful to you. Secondly, you can backup your file in case losing. Click Option command on the Tools menu and select Automatically backup to in the General option. Or click Backup command on File menu to backup one file directly. Certainly, you can restore your file by clicking Restore command on File menu. At last, there is a Recycle Bin for you to manage the deleted things. If something was deleted by mistake, you can recover it easily.

In short, EfficientPIM is a powerful and easy-to-use program which aims to offer you a more efficient and happier life style. And you can know more detailed information about EfficientPIM Network Guide.

Note: this software also offers a free version, please download EfficientPIM Free at:

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