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How to Manage Time --- 5 Main Modules of EfficientPIM Help You Manage Time Efficiently

Attributed to long hours at the computer, sometimes, just sometimes, have you ever once felt boring and nothing want to do and then when time passed by, you began to complain about that how time flies, you get nothing except the regret? I guess you need efficient personal information management, that is EfficientPIM, helps you manage time efficiently.

There are a lot of functions in EfficientPIM, sometimes when the fresher man gett it, and they do not know what to do or how to use it to get the management in a fast way. So here we talk something about some of the main modules to help know the software, manage your time, your life.

  1. Tasks

    First, set the priority of the tasks. At the edit page, you can choose it from four choices, lowest, low, normal, high, highest with different labels whose color can be set as you like. Second, track your progress at any time. You need to know what is the first thing that you should manage. And after you completing a task, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and relaxed!

  2. Calendar

    Know what should do the next through day, week, month and year view. Has the detailed plan for the future. Success belongs to the person who has well preparation.

  3. Events

    Set the importance and the recurrence of an event. This, in some way, close to the task, sometimes, it is not a must, but just need it, such as parents’ birthday, date with girlfriends or boyfriends and so on. Also after work, each person need to have a break, doing some sports, chatting with friends...

  4. Notes

    Write down the ideas came to mind. When you need it, just find it out. No more thinking, no more times needs.

  5. Sticky Notes

    Put the things at the desktop, remind you at any time. It can track not any the task, but also the events, check the email as an example. This is a fantastic tool for time management.

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