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How to Organize Your Time?

Why should organize time?

It is very important that we need arrange the only 24 hours every day for study, rest, earning money, job hunting, meals, etc. Sometimes, it is very difficult to accomplish one thing in a short period, which always make us feel how time flies and how stressful it is. Once we find the way to balance the conflicting of time for a large number of tasks and events, we will reduce any time related stress in our life and get a bright future. Therefore, to manage time is very valuable!

What tools are required for organizing time?

There are many planners for us to choose from, such as Goole Calendar, Franklin Planner, Outlook, EfficientPIM and so on. Whatever the planner is, papery notebook or software for windows, mac or smart phone, never forget that do not depend on memory only!

Setting goals

Clear goals are motivation to move forward. We must do it in terms of the condition we are in. For example, if few days later, we will have a very important test, we can set our goal like get a A in the test. Don’t forget that make sure these goals are realistic and achievable. If we make it, we can prepare some gifts for ourselves as reward , such as favorite chocolate, candies or something else; if we fail, we will have training course next term! All these should be obviously displayed in our planner.

Making a to-do list

To organize time, we must know what we should do right now, next half hour, etc. Making a to-do list will help us know it clearly. According to our goals, some tasks are much more important than others, it does not mean that we can ignore those second or third important tasks. All we have to do is to prioritize all tasks by different labels or highlight some of them and complete them one by one. After we make a task, we need cross it off from our planner, for which we need know how many tasks left and avoid forgetting to do tasks. Making a to-do list can make us more focus on one thing and improve work efficiency!


After arranging our tasks, we need a reminder system to tell us when we should do the next one. It may be a message sent via phone, an email, desktop sticky notes or traditional alarm clock. How to choose a reminder should be according to our different situations. Nowadays, almost all the software planner has a default reminder system but various in ways to remind us. So before we make decision, we need check the reminder system to ensure it is the one we want or not.

Keeping writing a diary

Write a diary before we go to bed every day. We can write down what we did, our thoughts even almost everything we want to record during the past few hours. After we finish it, remember to read our diary again, which could assist us in discovering the shortage of our plan and the problems we had during the process and further help us organize our time, improve our plan and work better.

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What kind of qualities should be trained?

Not all the plan can be run as we predict, sometimes it is easily be interrupted by emergency. At this time, have a good quality can help us a lot. It is impossible that we were born to be a perfect person, in other words, every one has his fault, all we can do is try to be better during the long way.




It’s hard to change one’s nature, especially for people never tried to do this kind of things before. We might face some problems when we first start to organize our time. Rome was not built in a day, be patient, challenging, and confident!

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