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How to Use Efficient Software Effectively: 3 Parts You Must Know (Part One --Menu and Toolbar)


Menu, which always stands at the top of software, is one of the most important part of software. When people use software for the first time, being familiar with menu is an absolutely step. As you can see from the above, it contains File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, Actions and Help. Here will introduce options as shown below, not everyone, but those you will use often. And also will put few links for detailed introduction of some. (Tips: there is a little difference of options shows under File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, Actions and Help between EfficientPIM and other efficient software, also between one module and other modules. Here all the pictures took from EfficientPIM except one from Efficient Sticky Notes.)

1. File

Connect to Server support for the business version (there are three versions, for domestic, business and free). So if you are business version user, please pay attention to this option, through the settings of this option, you can share your data with your team members. Password Protection for you to set password to open your file or some modules, if you want to fully protect your data, you can see the detailed information at /tech-faq/how-to-protect-the-data-file.htm Usually Backup function be used when you want to save/copy your data to other places, the way to backup you can visit /tech-faq/how-to-backup-the-data-files.htm

2. Edit

The list in Edit could be easily understood. Priorities and % Complete could be seen when you enter the Tasks module. You can set the priorities of each task by following first things first do principles. %Complete for tracking the progress, mastering the latest news of your task. If you enter the events module, there will be Importance option instead of Priorities and % Complete. You can set Labels as you want.

3. View

Reminders Window will remind you almost all the things, like a alarm clock. After setting Details, you can see more information of each record, which should be very useful. You can change your interface styles, usually there are 10 different styles, but among Man’s/Lady’s organizer, there are 26 different interface styles, just enjoy it. Different interface style, different feeling.

4. Go

Except Email Accounts, FTP Accounts and Software Registration Codes(these three exist in password manager module), you can find them all in the navigation panel. Software Registration Codes helps you remember all the registration codes such as the code for efficient software, right? Email Accounts and FTP Accounts, as their names imply, help manage accounts for email and FTP. When you create an email address, you can right click it and then you can send email to this email address directly.

5. Tools

You can import and export CSV, HTML files by using Import and Export. Language for choosing your own one. There are 30 different languages.

Then want to give detailed introduction of Options at the end of this article, because it contains many important functions. Will show you the pictures and you can understand it clearly. Pay attention to it.

6. Actions

If you want to create a new record, you can find the entrance easily here.

7. Help

In some way, click ‘Help’ maybe the first thing you should do, after you buy the pro version, you should enter registration code, and you can find the place to put in your code here. Help, yes, it has much information here, so before using it, you should try to read all the words in it. It is impossible for you to remember them all after one time, but in the future, if you meet the problems referred there, you will solve it as soon as you can. If still can not find answer, you can see Online Help and Contact US. You can see the detailed information of your software by selecting About.



(Options box shown below, here you will find most important settings.)

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