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Suggestions While Choosing Efficient Software

These days some people have asked about one thing, for example, "After I bought Efficient Reminder, I found EfficientPIM is better and more suitable for me, so could I upgrade Efficient Reminder to EfficientPIM?" Can you guess the reason why he wanted to upgrade his Reminder to EfficientPIM? Hmmm..OK, take it easy, the answer is obvious, everyone could answer that, so continue our topic. Although you guys can choose to upgrade software, it's not very convenient, so here want to give you some advices basis on the analysis of all the efficient software.

The 11 categories and the three versions of efficient software

Efficient software contains 11 different kinds of software, EfficientPIM, Efficient Calendar, Efficient To-Do List, Efficient Reminder, Efficient Notes, Efficient Password Manager, Efficient Sticky Notes, Efficient Diary, Efficient Address Book, Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer. All of them have three version: domestic/home version, business version and free version. Domestic/home version and free version both have portable version. What is portable version? It's a zip file, after you download this file, you just need unzip it. Portable version can be saved in the mobile disk and run from it, so you can take your data around you all the time, which is the reason why many people choose portable version. And if you buy the domestic/home version, the registration code you get also can be used for portable version. So don't worry, you can own the setup version and portable version at the same time. Efficient Man's Organizer and Efficient Lady's Organizer also can share the same registration code.

Modules, main functions, and comparison

EfficientPIM and Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer contains all the functions of other efficient software. What's the difference between EfficientPIM and Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer? I think when you read here, many people will be curious about the difference(many people once referred to that question). OK, well, compared with EfficientPIM, Efficient Man's Organizer was designed for men and Efficient Lady's Organizer for women. Actually, there is not much difference, Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer equipped with more interface styles(26) than efficientpim (10), which means if you like wonderful interface more, Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer is a better choice.

EfficientPIM (Efficient Man's/Lady's Organizer) contains 11 modules, they are Today, Calendar, Contacts, Events, Desktop Notes, Tasks, Diary, Notes, Password Manager, Favorite URLs, Search, Recycle Bin(all the efficient software includes the last two modules: Search and Recycle Bin, please never forget that. And Today, Calendar, Notes, Diary, Password Manager, Favorite URLs can be understood easily, so here we do not talk much about them). All the efficient software consisted of the 11 modules or few of them. Here we just talk the main features of the other modules, if you want to learn more about each one, please visit the official website /.

Contacts module, through which you can manage the detailed information of your contacts, such as birthday, habits, hobby, email address etc.

Events module, through which you can arrange your events, such as date, meeting, and schedule etc. Also you can set the importance of all the events and tell them from each other by different labels.

Tasks module, through which you can arrange your tasks to specific time in a clear way, similar to events module that you can set the priorities of all the tasks by different labels, which designed by 'first things frist' principle. You can track your tasks (5%, 10%...complete)all the time, also you can hide the completed tasks.

Efficient software which contains one of the three modules(contacts, tasks, events) above, there is a reminders window, which means you can set the alarm clock to remind you. The detailed operation, please download the software and have a try. Desktop Notes, as the name implies, you can put the important things on the desktop to remind you. There is an option: Always on top, you can check this option to make it shows in your view all the time.


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