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About Efficient Software

“Bill Gates is my hero, I want to develop an efficient software program to help people get more organized.� Said by Paul Zhang, the founder of Efficient Software, at the first time when he got to know Bill’s experience. At 2005, Efficient Software built with its goal “to create high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every person to become efficient and successful�.

“Hello� to the World

2007 is a special year to us. At May of this year, EfficientPIM 1.0 beta version released, which was the first time we said hello to this world as Efficient Software. At July of this year, EfficientPIM 1.0 version published.

“Hello world, this is EfficientPIM from Efficient Software.�

“Thank You�

There are lots of other programs online, we so appreciate that you choose our products as your life organizer, its our honor! Thank you so very much for supporting us.

2015 and Efficcess

10 years have been passed by since Efficient Software built. How time flies! This is a very important and difficult year, but we are so happy to announce that our new product Efficcess will be published soon. And we wish that you can maximize your efficiency and become more successful with the help of it.

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