Efficient Address Book Guide

Do you find it is hard to search the information of any contacts? Or do you often lose the important clients' name cards? Now Efficient Address Book can help you! It is a professional, elegant and handy contact management software program which supports endless levels of contact groupings and helps you manage the information of even thousands of contacts rapidly. After finish the following steps, you will no longer worry about these questions.

You can know more detailed information about Efficient Address Book Network Guide.

  1. Please download Efficient Address Book at: http://www.efficientdownload.com/es/EfficientAddressBook-Setup.exe.
  2. If you have recorded some information of contacts in Excel before. You also can import them in comma delimited files. At first, you should save the file as the comma delimited file (CSV) in the Excel. And then click Import on the Tools menu. After that, you can save them in Efficient Address Book successfully.
    Tip: The first line in the comma delimited file to be imported must be the line for column header; otherwise this file cannot be imported.
  3. You can add a contact by clicking New Contact on Toolbar. Except some basic information about the contact, you can also input some other detailed information. Such as company, address, pictures, comments and some related attachments. In addition, contacts can be managed by group. You can click New Group on the Actions menu to create a new contact group.
  4. Contacts can be displayed in a table or in cards. You can click the Table View or Card View command on the View menu to change the displayed way of the entries.
  5. Another highlight of Efficient Address Book is the Search Module. Even though you have inputted thousands of contacts, you can find them in a second. Generally, you can find the contact by clicking Locate or Filter button on Toolbar, and then choose the initial letter of the contact's name in the next trigger button. Besides, you can go to the Search Contacts module by clicking Search button on Toolbar. And then you can find the contact by inputting any related information in the text box of Condition.
  6. You can sync your data across PCs and mobile phones. Just click File -> Synchronize to pair device. And know more detailed instructions about synchronization at: How to Sync?

In short, Efficient Address Book aims to offer you a more efficient and happier life style.And you can know more detailed information about Efficient Address Book Network Guide.

Note: this software also offers a free version, please download Efficient Address Book Free at:

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