Efficcess Guide

Efficcess, the mobile version of EfficientPIM, is a personal information manager which could help users manage tasks, events, contacts, notes, diary and password on their mobile phones. Besides, they can sync data across computers and mobile phones at any time.

Ⅰ. Major Functions:

Tap Tasks to enter Task Module. You can make a to-do list and track the progress of tasks on your phone. After finishing one, just cross it out from the list. Besides, you will be reminded by Efficcess before the start date or due date of your tasks if needed.

Tap Events to enter Event Module. You can put your schedules, meetings and appointments here, and then the software will remind you at the correct time as setting.

Tap Contacts to enter Contact Module. Manage clients here and you can tap the phone number to call them directly in Efficcess. Also, Efficcess is a birthday and anniversary reminder for you!

Tap Notes to enter Note Module. Write down all your ideas at any time and place.
Tap Diary to enter Diary Module. Keep a diary when you have time, and there is no place limitation at all.
Tap Password to enter Password Module. Manage your passwords, email accounts, website accounts, registration codes and so on. Plus, there are some convenient buttons for you to copy account info, user name and password to clipboard, and visit URLs directly.

Tap this sign on home page to enter Desktop Notes or Favorite URLs Module.

Ⅱ. Common Operations:

  1. Select Group, Search, Add a New Record and Customize current record list; Long-press a Record to Edit, Delete and Browse it.

  2. Tap a Record in the list to browse it. And you can tap some convenient buttons in Contacts, Passwords and Favorite URLs Modules.

Ⅲ. Sync and Settings

  1. Tap action sign button on the top right corner of home page to enter Synchronize Page and Settings Page.

Know more information about EfficientPIM PC version at: EfficientPIM Guide.

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