Efficient Reminder Network Guide

Efficient Reminder Network is a handy calendar and reminder software program. It allows different users in your organization to access the same copy of data, to work in conjunction and improve work efficiency. Only finish the following steps can you have a more efficient and happier working style.

The main parts of this guide:

Steps of installation and connecting to server

  1. Please download Efficient Reminder Network (for sever computer) at:
    Please download Efficient Reminder (for client computers) at:
  2. Steps for connecting to server as administrator
    1. After you install Efficient Reminder Server on the server computer, Efficient Reminder will create a database file and connect to server automatically. (By default, the directory of database file is "C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\My Documents\MyReminder.erfw")
    2. There will pop up the User Management window for you to create user accounts. You can customize users’ access rights, which include read-only, access to all users’ data, rights for import/export/printing, etc.
    3. Select one new account, you will see the related information about connecting to server. Then click Copy to Clipboard button and send the info to that user. (Note: password will not be displayed for privacy.) When the number of authorized user is full, the Add button will be disabled. If you want to add a new user, please purchase another license on our official website. And then click Registration Codes button to input it and to add again.

      Tips: If you need to connect to server manually in some time, just click File -> Connect to Server. And input this info below:
      Server ID: Get from Efficient Organizer Server or User Management Window. And then click Get Server Info button.
      Server: Automatically access
      Database file: Automatically access
      Username: SYSDBA (default system administrator)
      Password: masterkey (default system administrator password)
  3. Steps for connecting to server for clients
    1. Start Efficient Reminder and click File -> Connect to Server.
    2. Please input the related information that the administrator has set for you in the interface:
      Server ID: Get from administrator. And then click Get Server Info button.
      Server: Automatically access
      Database file: Automatically access
      Username: the user name that the administrator has set for you
      Password: the password that the administrator has set for you
    3. Now you can connect to the data file on the server and share data with other users.
  4. If you failed to connect to server, please check your computer as following.
    1. Whether the administrator opened the shared file without connecting to server.
    2. When the administrator set password for the shared file without connecting to server, whether he or she did not select It may be accessed simultaneously by multiple users.
    3. Whether the LAN is connected.
    4. Whether the Windows Firewall allows Efficient Reminder and Firebird to communicate through.

Major highlights of Efficient Reminder Network:

  1. Every group member can add a new event for others. If you select its owner and Private on the bottom of Event-editing window, others could not see except administrator or the one whose access rights is to all users' data.
  2. And the Reminder window will only remind this user based on the time you set. On the contrary, if you did not select Private, the Reminder window will remind all members based on the time you set. For example, it is extremely convenient for you to inform the information about a meeting to your colleagues.
  3. Also you can change the access rights of an entry. Please right-click this entry and click Access in the popup menu. If you select Private, this entry will be seen just by you, administrator and the one whose access rights is to all users' data.
  4. Whenever the users add a new entry in this shared file, you can see the latest information by clicking Refresh on the Toolbar (or press F5). If you want to open an entry which is deleted by other user without refreshing, an interface will appear to tell you: This item has been deleted by other user.
  5. If an entry was editing by more than one user at the same time, the software will save and display the latest information about it.
  6. If a group member has been deleted by the administrator, his or her private information will be transferred to administrator.
  7. For privacy, administrator can set a password to the file by clicking Password on File menu. That is to say, the one who connects to server wants to open this file, he or she must also input this password correctly.
  8. If administrator wants to backup the database file to an USB stick or other directory, please ensure that all group members including you have exited Efficient Reminder. You can click Users on File menu to see if there is any member still connecting to server. In addition, if you use backup software to backup database file, please ensure that all group members including you have exited Efficient Reminder before it works.

If you want to know more basic functions, please see Efficient Reminder Guide.

If you want to connect to remote server when you're at home, on business and so on, please refer to Connect to Remote Server Guide.

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